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Why You Should Put Your House in a Living Trust

What is a living trust, anyway? Learn how putting your house in one can help you avoid probate hold-ups.


Part of being a responsible homeowner is having a proper estate plan in place. After all, considering the home is generally the largest asset most people own, it’s prudent to ensure this asset is passed to the people you wish to leave it to. Just as you protect your finances from debt or use home security to protect your belongings, estate planning with a living trust can be a way to provide your loved ones with a legacy and inheritance.

For instance, do you know what will happen to your house if you and/or a co-owner were to die? Did you know that even if your will gives the kids your house, it can be held up for a long time thanks to probate law? Also, if you’re in an LGBTQ+ family or have special needs, there are often unique circumstances to consider and account for while estate planning…


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